Travel Pay Map

For starting point, choose the county that your employers office is headquartered in.

The following rates of expense shall be paid to employees when working outside their regular working area:

Zone 1: From county center point address to 35-mile radius. No Allowance

Zone 2: From over 35 to 44 miles. $17.50 per day

Zone 3: From 45 to 59 miles: $21.50 per day

Zone 4: From 60 to 80 miles: $24.50 per day

Zone 5: All jobs beyond 80-mile radius from the center of each zone, employees shall be compensated at their straight time rate for all necessary time consumed in traveling and the same amount at the conclusion of the job, or when the job is interrupted. In addition, employees shall receive $85.00 per day expenses, including weekends, while the job is in progress, or employee may elect in advance to be reimbursed all necessary expenses when properly accounted for.